Forester Football Gridiron Gang

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Be there! Be Proud! Be Loud! 

Go to as many games as you can. When you are there, bring as much energy and noise as you can. The energy that you bring will transfer to parents, fans, and players alike. This is at home and away games. We take pride on having bigger "visiting crowds" at some places than the home team brings in. 

As parents, we have the opportunity to inspire our sons with encouragement-- it matters. 

Cal Van Meter, parent of Austin '16

COMMUNICATION – A partnership between parents and coaches in providing a solid foundation for your son at Lake Forest!

                As parents of a senior student athlete at Lake Forest College it is critical for both coaches and parents to communicate with student athletes each and every day! Most incoming freshman football players were standout athletes on and off the field in high school. However, being dropped off that first day of Lake Forest football camp can be a bit overwhelming for players and their families. Typical questions such as “Where do I go, What’s the FAN Club, Who’s the Grid Iron Gang, Do I have to donate money, Did my son make the right college choice” and dozens of other questions and concerns can cause anxiety for even the toughest most mature players and their parents.  Please realize you’re not alone and every older player and their parent(s) have gone through the same experiences and learned through involvement and excellent communication with their son(s). The coaches are excellent teachers and surrogate parents on the field but students can experience concerns off the field that lead to anxiety, frustration and unhappiness. Don’t be afraid to ask your son how they’re doing in the classroom, do they have a girlfriend, do they have frustrations with teachers or other students and a host of other questions. COMMUNICATION with players and their families along with guidance and mentoring from the football coaches is a recipe for a happy, healthy and wise student athletes at Lake Forest College. Take it from proud Senior Parents that are incredibly excited for our son’s senior year of college – good communication with both coaches and parents has been a critical piece to the overall development of our son as a football player, an excellent student and a solid citizen ready to enter the real world in the not to distance future. All the best to every parent and student athlete at Lake Forest College!


Rick & Julie Mulford

Something I truly love about the Gridiron Gang are the true genuine friendships that you make with everyone; the parents, grandparents, their friends, and all those who come and support not only their son, but all players. It truly evolves into a family over the four years. The cheering at the games, both at home and on the road, to the tailgating, getting to know your son’s teammates, and their true football passion, to the comradery and the memories that will last a life time. Our family just loved being part of the Gridiron Gang because we knew how important they were to every player who wears a Forester uniform.

If I was to give one piece of advice to the parents of an incoming freshman it would to always be there for your son, his team, his teammates, the coaches, the support staff, and the entire Forester Family. Always know that there will be great times, challenging times, tough times, and times that will literally bring a tear to your eye with sadness (last game of their college career) and joy (first time your son steps of the college field). Always know that your son will be great hands; with every coach, the athletic training staff, and all those your son will come in contact at the college. You son is not just a number in the football program or a filled seat in a classroom at LFC, they will become part of the Forester Family, a family who cares for each other.

John Butts, parent of Luke '12