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Forester Football TD Song Since 2011! 


Andrew Dillon, brother of John '14 started this tradition when John was a freshman. He would always make sure to send a text, video, or other communication (often in person, as he never missed games, despite being from Arizona). His infectious spirit and breath of life into our players was never understated and always appreciated. 

Finally, in 2013, before his brothers last game as a Forester, Andrew delivered the message to the entire team as part of the pregame, and let the team out onto the field. where the soundly defeated St. Norbert 31-3. 

To this date, it is still a way that we greet each other on Saturdays, and Andrew STILL sends the coaching staff their good morning text/video to get ready for the game! 

Forester Walk from a Parent Perspective

We attended every home game the four years our son played at Lake Forest College.  After traveling from New England to Lake Forest for 20 games, we were able to catch the whole experience.  Great parents at the tailgate, fun students in the stands, and great football on the field.  But looking back, I would have to say the Forester Walk is one of the things I miss most.  Our first year we had no idea what to expect.  Each Saturday we would try to catch the team at different points on the campus.  Coming out of the chapel, "Forester Jacks" in the Quads, passing through the gate mid campus.  But during the next year we found the best place, hands down, was in the tailgate parking lot.  It was here that the boys made their last turn, and walked through the gauntlet of screaming parents and fans.  Everyone clapping and encouraging the team on their way to Halas Hall before they would pad up, get last minute coaching and finally take the field.  That walk through the parking lot was slow and intense.  A column of 2’s following the Bag Piper, players and coaches soaking it all in.  Each week after they passed through, parents would be high fiving each other, “They look ready today!”.  I miss this every week of the season now. 

- Marvin Preston, parent of John '15