Forester Football Gridiron Gang

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Are you traveling to watch the Foresters on the road? Here is important information on making the most of your experience! 

 2019 Foresters on the Road! 

Away Games

9/5 Wisconsin Lutheran

9/28 University of Chicago

10/12 Macalester College

10/26 Beloit College

11/2 Lawrence University

11/16 TBD MWC Week

​Possible meet up locations are dependent upon the actions of parents attending the games. If you wish to set up a meet up location at a bar, restaurant, etc. please contact the Forester Football Facebook page to get in coordination with others. 

If you would like to organize hotels and pre-game meet up locations for the upcoming season, please contact Judy Degnan at 

Most away games are streamed live by the home team. You can go to the away teams website, under schedule and view the game through their link.