2014 DB Corey Lustig

2015 LB Hector Mendoza

2016 HB Joel Nierling 

2013 RB Charlie Quinn

2014 ​DB Mitch Coha

2015 ​QB Jagan Cleary

2016 ​LB Johnny LaPonte

Tom Carr '70 Forester Commitment to Excellence

Award Description

Forester Football Gridiron Gang

      The official website of the Lake Forest College Football Parent Group

Rookie of the Year

DJ Baker Forester Pride Award

2014 QB Sean Dickson

2015 QB LJ Smith

2016 OL Ammon Schirling

Benny Watters Scout Team Defensive POTY

Gridiron Gang Award

2014 DB Joe Kropp

2015 RB Sam Mulford

2016 LS Ryan Shalosky 

Steve Little Memorial Award

(recognizing Academic Improvement)

2014 P Sam Plutchak

2015 DL James Pruitt

2016 DB Jeremy Brown

2012 ​DL Jake Rotkvich

2013 DL Michael Garetto-Balmer

2014 ​DB Joe Kropp &

         DL Ramel Samuel

2015 ​LB Austin Van Meter

2016 ​DL Brendan Power

Benny Watters Scout Team Offensive POTY

2016 Ryan Bullock

Coaches Award

2015 Browne Family

2016 Mulford Family